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Couple Celebrates 50th Anniversary With a Return To Bryson City


At just 19 years old, Robert Rybak and his fiancé Evadean drove all the way from Columbus, Ohio to Bryson City. Too scared to ask their parents for permission, the couple made the trip to North Carolina to secretly get married. February 22 marked 50 years of marriage for the couple.

Robert, who was in the Air Force, and Evadean, an operator at Ohio Bell, met at a popular restaurant near the Air Force Base.  She was there with a friend, and he showed up after a USO dance.  Evadean’s friend teased her saying she wouldn’t be able to get a date with Robert.  She proved her friend wrong. The two met and soon fell in love.

Robert and Evadean made the trip to Bryson City from Ohio again recently to rediscover the place that holds so many special memories.  The wedding took place at the Swain County Courthouse with Justice of the Peace O Neal Muse and witnesses Odis Sitton and Percival DeHart.  The couple was very excited to find the courthouse and both remarked, “It looks so much smaller now!”

Photo by Jennifer Wilson

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  1. mchl_rybak August 19th, 2009 7:51 pm

    this couple here are two wonderfull people they are my grandparents ever since I have been alive (16 years) they have been a blessing and a joy in my life. They are the happest people in the world in my mind and I cant tell one story about a single dull moment with them EVER!!!! They are both now 70 years old and will probally kill me for saying that but they are as healthy as mulls. They are both very loving and caring and are a couple that I hope to be like when I grow old with a beautifull women. I just wanted to say congrats on the 50th anniversary and I cant wait to see them grow even older together. I love you both and shall always feel the same.