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The Joys of Country Living — Farm Fresh Eggs and Produce

On Friday mornings throughout the Summer, local farmers bring their harvest to the Bryson City Tailgate Market at the parking lot next to Fred’s on Highway 19 West. Two of those farmers are Joan and Mike Glover whose small organic farm surrounds their mountainside home just outside Bryson City.

In addition to growing organic vegetables, berries, apples and medicinal herbs, the Glovers’ flock of free-range chickens produces a steady supply of brown and pastel-colored eggs. They’ll all find their way to Bryson City breakfast tables and restaurants.

The Glovers’ flock of Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucana, Dominics, Golden Comet, Black Sexlink, and Anaconas will never be tempted to cross the road and leave home. Their life on the farm is much too cushy. Joan has even named each of her ‘girls’ — including Polly, Sugarland, Marlene, Lindsey and Chick-Fil-A.

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