We love the Smoky Mountains. Wish you were here!

You say Tuckasegee, I say Tuckaseigee. Or is it Tuckaseegee?

Half of the residents of Western North Carolina insist the other half misspells our favorite river. Over in Jackson County, it’s the “Tuckasegee”, while in Bryson City it’s usually the “Tuckeseigee”. To others, it’s the “Tuckaseegee”. It’s a long-standing disagreement that’s partly territorial, partly hereditary. But spellings aside, we all agree on one thing — it’s a beautiful river.

As it flows over rocks and ledges on its way to Fontana Lake, the Tuckaseigee is rarely placid. But as it widens across the sandy bottoms at Governors Island, the Tuck briefly becomes calm, smooth and reflective — a delightful scene that includes beehives, Fall plantings and an old red canoe at Darnell Farms.

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