We love the Smoky Mountains. Wish you were here!

Making candy the old fashioned way. In a copper pot.

If you’re not sure of the location (it’s 134 Everett Street) just trust your nose. The aroma of fresh fudge will lead you straight to The Chocolate Shoppe where you can watch candies being made the old fashioned way. Above, Donna Rector keeps an eye on the temperature while Kristina Wurdinger stirs a heated mixture that will soon become pralines.

Co-owners Sherry White and Donna make their candies from family recipes, including hand-dipped chocolates, pralines and peanut brittle. They also make more than a dozen varieties of fudge, made 20 pounds at a time and poured on a marble slab to cool. Hours are 10am – 5:30 Monday thru Friday, a little later on weekends.

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