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Hi Na-Ber, How Can I Help You?

Na-Bers Drive-in on East Main Street is a Bryson City landmark — a classic 1950s-era drive-in restaurant that really hasn’t changed much in more than a half-century of serving townsfolk and visitors. Thankfully.

A love of nostalgia prompts a lot of tourists to give Na-Bers a try. And they’re not disappointed with the extensive menu, attractive prices, and the friendly service they receive from employees like 76 year-old carhop Dixie Hughes (above). When asked why she continues to work well beyond retirement age, Dixie says she just loves the job and the people. She’s quick to add “I’ll stay here as long as they let me.”

Dixie is as much a Na-Bers fixture as the drive-in’s vintage curbside speakers, where you can still order such long-time favorites as a chili dog, cherry or pineapple milkshake, barbecue and fried chicken. One regular customer proclaims “the Cherry Lemon Mountain Dew is the nectar of the God’s! Get a large one and enjoy the greatest non-alcoholic beverage in the universe!” And Congressman Heath Shuler has even been quoted in the national media in praise of Na-Bers’ signature cheeseburger topped with coleslaw. “One of my favorite vices,” he said.

Na-bers dates back to the early 50s when local drive-ins were soaring in popularity nationally. The original location, next to the Governors Island bridge on Hwy 19, burned in 1964 and was rebuilt on the current riverside site a little closer to town. According to owner Ronnie Henderson, the name ‘Na-bers’ was inspired by the original owner’s greeting to his very first customer — “Hi Neighbor, how can I help you?”. It stuck.

Na-Bers Drive-In, at 1245 Main Street, is open Monday thru Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm. Eat inside or in your car.

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